How to order on DNationSoft

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DNationSoft is providing several types of services. To get any service, you need to order the service or package on our website.

Step 1: In order to order on DNationSoft, at first you need to go to client area. Click on the “Client-Area” button at the top right corner of the website. After clicking on “Client-Area”, you will see this interface.

Step 2: If you are new client, you must registration before login to “Client-Area”.If you are already registered member, you need to login in “Client-Area”. After login in “Client-Area”, you will reach to our “Client-Area” dashboard.

Step 3: From the menu, you need to click on service menu. After clicking on service, you will see the services and sub-service list of every packages like the bellow picture.

Step 4: Under the service list, you will get some sub-service of the each service. From that sub-service, you have to choose your essential sub-service. After clicking on your essential sub-service, you will see 3 packages of the sub-service like the example bellow

1) Basic

2) Standard

3) Vip

Step 5: Now order any package that you choose. After clicking on “order-now” option, you will get the order confirmation page to confirm the order.

Step 6: Click on the “order confirm” button to confirm the order. Once it is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email of the order.

That’s it! Your order is successfully made.

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